alta view apartments, Student Housing Rexburg
  • Newly Remodeled
  • Very Affordable
  • Free Laundry on-site
  • Plenty of Parking
  • Located Across from Porter Park
  • Less than a block from the I-Center
  • Free World Gym Membership
  • Apple TV with Netflix subscription
  • Great Green Space with sand volleyball, basketball, and firepit
  • Lounge with big screen tv
  • Free World Gym Membership
  • Cookies EVERY DAY & Waffle Wednesday EVERY WEEK
  • Large, Spacious Apartments with 2 Fridges in Each Unit
  • Free Laundry on-site
  • Located 2 Blocks to the West of Camus
Blue Door Logo
  • Laundry in Your Own Unit
  • Affordable Prices
  • Large Green Space with Fire Pit, Volleyball, and Grills
  • Great Kitchen Space with Separate Dining Area
  • Located 1 Block Northeast of Campus
Student Housing Rexburg, camden Logo
  • Newly Remodeled
  • Private Rooms for Men & Women
  • Free World Gym Membership
  • 2 Fridges in each Unit
  • Lots of Parking
  • Located 1 block west of campus
  • Laundry in Every Unit
  • 51” Plasma TVs & Comfy Leather Furniture
  • Great Backyard Green Space with Fire Pit and Outdoor Projector
  • Lots of parking
  • Amazing Location
  • 100 Yards North of Campus
Pinnacle Logo
  • 4-and 6-Man Options
  • Theater Room
  • Best Workout Gym in BYU-I Approved Housing
  • Large lounge Area with Pool Table
  • Located 1.5 Blocks North of Campus
reddoor Logo
  • Laundry in your own unit!
  • Affordable pricing – Great Value!
  • Brand New Fridges
  • Located 1 block northeast of campus
Roost Logo
  • Rexburg’s Newest Housing for Men and Women
  • Amazing Units with Superb Finishes
  • Laundry in your own unit!
  • 4- and 6-Man Options
  • Located 2 blocks west of campus
  • Premiere Men’s and Women’s Housing – Most Luxurious Units in Town
  • Laundry in Your Own Unit
  • Multiple Lounges, Study Rooms, Piano Rooms
  • Underground Parking
  • Located 2 Blocks North of Campus